Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art


The Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art occupies a series of evocative rooms on the top floor of Palazzo Liviano, which were designed especially for the collection by Gio Ponti. It is here that its objects tell their tales: stories of the ancient civilisations to which they once belonged, but also those of the collectors and scholars who discovered them and who contributed, over hundreds of years, to the birth and development of the field of archaeology.


Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art
Palazzo Liviano – Department of Cultural Heritage
Piazza Capitaniato, 7 – 35139 Padova
Tel. +39 049 8274611 – Fax +39 049 8274613


Curator: Alessandra Menegazzi
piazza Capitaniato, 7 – 35139 Padova
tel. +39 049 8274576 – fax +39 049 8274613

Department of Cultural Heritage: Archaeology and History of Art, Cinema and Music (DBC)
piazza Capitaniato 7 – 35139 Padova
tel.+39 049 8274673 – fax +39 049 8274670

Head of Department: Prof. Giovanna Valenzano

Departmental delegate to the museum: Prof. Monica Salvadori
tel. +39 049 8274581