Museum of the History of Physics


The Museum is currently closed for a renovation project. A totally new display will be proposed to the public. Nothing will be as it used to be!

The inauguration is scheduled on 31st August 2021. We look forward to welcoming you in our new museum !


Astrolabes, telescopes, microscopes, steam engines ...
A visit to the Museum of the History of Physics at the University of Padova is a journey through time, from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution and on to the science of our own time.
With its array of precious artefacts – many of which are extremely rare, if not entirely unique – the collection not only recounts the fascinating history of scientific thought and technological development in general, but it is also a precious record of the physics research and teaching carried out at the University of Padova from the eighteenth century onwards. The instruments themselves tell the stories of scientists – their ideas, their experiments – and the web of contacts that grew up across the centuries between the University of Padova and the scientific community in Italy and abroad.

Today, the museum faces the challenge of preserving the most important physics instruments currently used, designed or made in Padua, no mean feat considering the size, quantity and characteristics of some of the equipment involved. This is a crucial challenge, since it is only in this way that the museum can preserve its identity going forward: a university museum whose quality is founded not simply on the value of individual instruments, but on the overall worth of the collection.

The exhibits on display include precious, original scientific instruments and some interactive displays and multimedia simulations


Museum of the History of Physics
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Curator: Sofia Talas
“Galileo Galilei” Department of Physics
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“Galileo Galilei” Department of Physics and Astronomy (DFA)
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Head of Department: Prof. Francesca Soramel

Departmental delegate to the museum: prof. Giulio Peruzzi
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